Icon.vm is a company that offers an extensive visual merchandising service and production house. We provide end-to-end solutions that ecompass all aspects of retail operations.

Estabilished in 2023, Icon.vm was born from the vision of forming and adaptable firm which is proficient in handling visual merchandising projects of all sizes. We specializes in providing comprehensive adaptable service covering design, production and installation for retail stores and pop-up events.

Icon.vm is located in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is well-known for rich in culture and for decades the Balinese are famous for their creativity in craftmnaship, mixing modern and traditional aspects of life and art.

What is Visual Merchandising?
Visual Merchandising is a practice in the retail industry of optimizing the presentation of products and services to better highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is a attract, enggage, and motivate customers towards purchasing the product.

Why do we need Visual Merchandising?
Given the ever-growing number of shopping malls and retail stores worldwide each year, it becomes increasingly clear that the atmosphere, layout, and design of these establishment hold a pivotal role in shaping customer behavior. Visual merchandising is one of the solution thet can capture alternation and drive purchase, creating a unique brand image, expanding markets, boosting sales, and aligning with globa trends.

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Icon.VM provides solution from beginning to end, focusing on enchancing our clients’ brand image to align with the latest global marketing trends. This includes service ranging from branding or rebranding to pop-ups, shop interiors and window display, as well as the creation of promotional merchandise like T-shirts, keychains, mugs, stationary, and more, all available upon request.

Our commitment to prioritizng client satisfaction and maintaining continuous communication extends to every stage of our projects. This includes ouur expertise in creative and adaptable design specializing in modern ethnic art, ensuring high-quality production, and closely monitoring the installation process.

Additionally, we offer a variett of merchandise such as clothing, keychains, packaging, and more. This extensive range ensures we meet the diverse neeeds and preferences of our valued customers

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