Icon.vm is your partner through all design stages. Whether you provide an initial idea for us to develop or you have the design ready, we make to suit your budget. Our client-centric approach involves brand research thoroughly, ensuring a design you’ll love as much as we do.

After design is confirmed, we give you quotation then request a purchase order (PO) upon your approval. Our production process is efficient and meticulous.

We detail each element carefully, subjecting them to rigorous accuracy checks. Our design, project management, production teams, and managing director all closely control every aspect. We’re versatile in working with various materials and finishing techniques tailored to your prefernces, always mindful of your budget. If necessary, we’ll recommend cost-effective alternatives.

At Icon.vm, client’s happiness is our top priority. We’ll share progress images during production and address if any potential changes. This is to ensure that everything works out smoothly and clients are satisfied.

Given the ever-growing number of shopping malls and retail stores worldwide each year, it becomes increasingly clear that the atmosphere, layout, and design of these establishment hold a pivotal role in shaping customer behavior. Visual merchandising is one of the solution thet can capture alternation and drive purchase, creating a unique brand image, expanding markets, boosting sales, and aligning with globa trends.

We put in the effort to ensure on-time installations with minimal disruption to your environment. For satisfaction assurance, we weill provide installation specialist closely monitor the entire installation process from start to finish.